Moving into a fixer-upper house and renovating the space can be a daunting task if you are not an interior designer like Cate St Hill. When she, her boyfriend and their sausage dog Francis left their small apartment in central London behind to move into their newly purchased Victorian terraced house, there was a lot of work to be done. Especially brightening up the place and turning the house into a calm, welcoming space was the major goal for Cate.

But before we take a look at her newly renovated home in beautiful South London, we want you to get to know a little more about the multi-talented interior blogger and her interior design philosophy.

Cate St Hill initially studied at the Bartlett School of Architecture before working for a couple of years mainly on residential projects, followed by a Master’s degree in architectural history, also at The Bartlett. She then ventured on to pursue a career as a design journalist, writing about architecture projects and new buildings for Building Design and Blueprint magazine. But Cate always had a passion for the interior.

“I’m fascinated by the ways in which people make a house a home; how their possessions can tell a story and how space, light and texture can create a certain mood or feeling.”Cate St Hill | Source:

In 2011, she started her blog CateStHill where she created her own little corner of the internet and at first she was just sharing her interest in everything visually appealing and design related. Over time, she started to focus more on what she always really loved – simple interior design for everyday living. More and more of her own decoration projects and makeover stories found a home on her blog and soon friends and family came asking her for advice. With time, her readers kept on growing and she also gained a healthy following on Pinterest and on her Instagram channel. Cate always shared her strong belief that good design should be accessible and affordable to everyone, interior design that is built to last. It’s all about simplicity, pared-back, Scandinavian-inspired spaces that you’ll find mostly on her blog – a philosophy that also reflects throughout her newly renovated home.

“For me, an interior is more than just a statement or display, they’re places that should be designed around how we live every day not just how we want it to look.”Cate St Hill | Source:

She turned a dark, neglected house into an airy-light filled space with soft grey walls and painted white floorboards. Here and there you will find a hint of mid-century flair, paired with neutral, understated decor that becomes a perfect backdrop for everyday life. Her love for light grey hues as an understated design is prominent and she keeps it simply true to the motto ‘less is more.’ Cate believes that it’s not about constantly buying into new trends but rather achieving a more minimal aesthetic by only filling a home with well-considered natural, honest materials and well-crafted objects that tell a story and stand the test of time. For her, it’s all about creating a space that helps us to find more moments of calm and simplicity in the mundanity of daily life. Also, authenticity is key which also resonates throughout her home but also her work as an interior stylist. Preserving the personality of its owner through those little personal things really makes a home what it is – a place that you can feel at home.

“My design ethos – sharing simple design that uplifts the everyday – is grounded in #thesimpleeveryday, a hashtag that I started on Instagram to simply celebrate the everyday but also to find simplicity every day.”Cate St Hill | Source:

Almost a year ago, Cate made a big step into going freelance and she doesn’t regret her move. She works as a design and interior writer, blogger, stylist and consultant. Cate St Hill was named one of London’s best interior bloggers by Ideal Home magazine and has been featured in Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Elle Decoration and Apartment Therapy. Her blog serves as an inspiring interior design resource for simple, stylish living that’s authentic and achievable. We are more than happy that Cate provided us a glimpse into her beautiful home and if you are in need of some interior design inspiration, visit her on PinterestInstagram and stop by on her blog.


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