Zoku is located in the Eastern canal district, right in the heart of Amsterdam. The vision behind this phenomenal place is to expand the definition of a hotel into a platform where knowledge, ideas, and people come together on a daily basis. Zoku provides a shelter for the urban nomads, traveling professionals, and international residents. The team behind Zoku creates an extraordinary place which works as a living/working hybrid with apartments and co-working spaces under one roof. The location features a living room, a library, an open kitchen, as well as communal working and event spaces.

“Instead of more stuff, the world needs smarter solutions…’’This statement has always been the larger vision of the Zoku founders.

You are welcome to stay for a couple of days or even months in one of Zoku´s roomy lofts, specially designed for those seeking a temporary residence. Every loft can easily be adjusted to provide a cozy atmosphere, become a business room or even combine the two. Whether you are setting up an office or you just want to have a drink the bar, relax on the rooftop garden, meet new people and connect, Zoku is definitely a must visit spot in the bustling city of Amsterdam.

By all means, these pictures and drawings stay property of:

Photographer: ©Ewout Huibers for Zoku and concrete