For the bulk of Instagram users, posting content is something they might not think about more than a second or two; most just want to share a funny moment with their friends or contribute to a popular hashtag. While they enjoy getting likes and comments, it doesn’t really matter if one of their pictures is not well received. However, chances are that if you are reading this article, your perspective on Instagram is slightly different from the rest of the population. While your friends follow popular profiles and admire the pictures and recommendations from popular Instagrammers, you want to become -or are already- an influencer with a huge audience yourself. What this means is that you constantly think about when you should post your content, how visually appealing your feed is, and how you can increase your follower numbers. As fun as Instagram is, to become successful, you start putting pressure on yourself and look for ways to manage your account more efficiently. Planoly might help you with that.

Schedule your Instagram posts

At its core, Planoly is an end to end Instagram visual management platform. Suited for both individual influencers and brands, it helps managing your daily Instagram routine. For example, you have easy access to your posts (18 of your latest ones) and can react to the comments of your followers. This is great for maintaining a good audience engagement and being strategic about it as well. The more you stay connected with those interested in your content, the more visible you as a personality, or brand, will become.

Good influencers know when their content is noticed by the most people possible. However, you might not always have the perfect picture ready at that exact moment. Naturally, you begin planning your content ahead, so you always have a backup you can rely on. With Planoly, you can schedule these posts and receive push notifications, so you don’t miss your window of opportunity. While you may prepare your posts both on your laptop and the app, you still have to post through the app on your smartphone. As we all know, Instagram cracks down quite quickly on any software that promises automatic posting.

Visual planning and marketing solutions with Planoly

With more and more businesses and brands realizing how powerful influencer marketing can be, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs: basically, your most important stats) or, in short, stats are oftentimes seen as the most important selling point when negotiations about a cooperation between influencer and brand are initiated. The number of comments, your engagement, the times you post your content, all this is tracked and displayed with Planoly. You might use this as a selling point or to improve your own performance.

Finally, the app lets you rearrange your feed; via easy drag and drop you can organize your pictures in a way that they are visually appealing and your feed as a whole follows a theme that matches your personality.

If you haven’t tried Planoly yet, see if it’s a fit for you. Let us know in the comments how your experience with the app is. Follow this link for a download for iOS or Android.


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