Morning routines, highlighting tips, life hacks, or sleeping aid tips – by now, there isn’t anybody left who hasn’t seen a YouTube-Makeup-tutorial. One of our favorite German YouTuber girls for anything beauty-related is the 26-year-old Jasmin Zaid from Berlin. She convinces us with both useful and aesthetic content as well as showcasing how to cooperate with companies and address product-placements responsibly.

Behind the pseudonym Madame Tamtam she inspires about 164.000 fans with her very personal beauty tips and some insightful beauty talk. For more than eight years, she has been running her successful YouTube channel and fills it with hauls, beauty tips, and product recommendations as well as fashion lookbooks and travel vlogs on a weekly basis.

In a very honest and insightful way, Jasmin lets her followers be part of her fashion and beauty world and shares her beauty secrets with them. Jasmin knows how to entertain her viewers with her videos, often to the point where you find yourself looking forward to her next upload during the week. Besides beauty, Jasmin loves to share her passion for fashion and travel on her Instagram account – she inspires us to dream of foreign places but also to appreciate the beauty around us. If you need advice on wearable everyday make-up, then you should add Jasmin alias Madame Tamtam to your list. She is worth the follow and will keep you in the loop with current trends and beauty tips!


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