In this day and age, it has become custom to share your travels with the rest of the world on Instagram. Some users spark your envy with posts from white sand beaches, others impress with major athletic performances in heights of the Alps. Our Instagram feed is full with amazing pictures from travel bloggers and photographers who spark our wanderlust every day anew.

Reflections of snowcapped mountains in calm lakes, the breathtaking light phenomena of Norway’s Northern Lights, or the red sandstones of the Antelope Canyon rekindle our urge to travel. Some places are just a must-visit for everybody who likes to travel. Paris, Venice, New York: we all know these big cities, but there are some insider places you just have to visit in your lifetime. No wonder we had trouble limiting ourselves for this selection – but here it is, our top places you should add to your travel list.

Been seeing this spot in photos for such a long time. Always nice to see it with your own eyes.

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Nights in Norway – as colorful as the day. Have you ever seen the Aurora? It always leaves me in awe ?? #thearcticstory

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It's amazing to think that these cliffs were formed some 65 million years ago. Science is sexy.

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Exploring enchanted forests in Maui yesterday ?? with @ritzcarlton #rcmemories

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Found a nice gem in the old forests of Taiwan. #erlebetaiwan

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Who doesn't love a fall throwback.

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Let's go where the sun meets the sea…✨??

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Looking over the Europe archives getting all that inspo for next month ✈︎ ??????

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Keeping cosy while watching the morning sky fill with balloons?✨

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