We had the chance for an in-depth Q&A with Katerina and Yinon about their unstoppable desire to travel the world, how they met and what it takes to make your dreams come true and explore the world most beautiful and foreign. Follow along as we unfold the movie like a love story of two different strangers who met on accident and decide to roam the planet together and start their own business.

So make sure to stay close and travel far with Katerina and Yinon in our Interview below.

Can you tell us a little bit more about where you both come from and how you grew up?

We are both from really small towns where everyone knows everyone in Bulgaria and Israel. We are very close with our families (Yinon has a very big one!) and grew up around nature. But we’re also really ambitious and driven, and at some point, we decided to leave our countries for bigger opportunities and move to the US where we met a little more than a year ago.

How did you guys meet?

We met in line for a salad on a lunch break in Soho. We both ended up in that line by chance that day, but it turned out to be the luckiest coincidence ever! Thank god the line was long enough to force us to chat for a bit and want to meet again. We have been pretty much inseparable since then. We moved in together four months after we met and got engaged within a year!

“It has been a true fairy-tale like story for us, and we still can’t believe it’s reality.”Katerina & Yinon

What were you doing before you decided you want to travel the world and make a living from that?

Katerina is a self-starter, she always finds a way to teach herself whatever she needs – and at a high level. When she was a teenager, she taught herself English because she wanted to go to school in the US, and before you know it she got accepted into Harvard on a full scholarship. She studied economics there and later moved to New York to work in fashion, but soon realized she wasn’t a huge fan of the corporate life. Yinon was never big in school but was good at starting his own side ventures. He started a couple of small businesses to support himself as a teenager and later on started working at an Israeli startup. Since then he has been working in business development at the same company, which relocated him to NYC a couple of years ago.

We both loved traveling long before we met and Katerina had already built a solid following on social media while working full time. As soon as we met, we realized we had this huge passion in common and decided to continue building that together.

Was it easy for you to give up everything and start your adventures?

Nothing is easy in life, at least not for us. We’ve always had to work really hard to achieve our dreams, but it has never discouraged us. As immigrants who left everything behind to start a life on their own in a new country, leaving a 9 to 5 job to pursue our true passion seems like a natural decision.

Were there any sacrifices you had to make?

Of course! Before we were able to get any sponsorships or brand deals, we invested a lot of time and resources into building a base for our business, while also working full-time jobs. We worked on evenings and weekends a lot and sometimes didn’t even have time to see our friends.

Do you have any tips for people who are thinking about living a similar lifestyle?

Prepare to work really hard and embrace it! There are probably a lot of people who think “this is the life”, just snap some pictures by the pool and document yourself enjoying life, but in reality, it takes a lot of work and patience to get to a place where you can support yourself from traveling. We definitely think it’s a real possibility for a lot of people who probably don’t even consider it, and it’s a hell of a lot of fun, but at the same time, it really needs to be your true passion because it will take working day and night to make it happen. And most importantly, be patient.

“Building a loyal audience doesn’t happen overnight, and it’s especially hard in the beginning – so don’t get discouraged, just keep creating!”Katerina & Yinon

You post a lot of beautiful, well-chosen images; how much work do you guys put into creating them and do you have any tips on how to shoot and edit images?

Taking the photos is the fun part, and honestly, we don’t track the time as we’re just enjoying ourselves. Editing can take anywhere from 20 minutes to a couple of hours. We always shoot with a high-end DSLR camera and edit using our presets in Lightroom. Our best advice for a shooting is – learn how to work with natural light! It’s more important than any filters or edits you can do later. And when it comes to editing, spending some time to learn the ins and outs of Lightroom is the most valuable investment you can make.

Is there a truly unique and unforgettable story from your adventures that you can share with us?

We had a trip to Brazil planned around Christmas last year, and just a few weeks before our flight we were told Rio was not the safest place to visit at the time. We always check the weather, local holidays, etc. before our trips but it never even occurred to us to check about safety! Once we dug a little deeper, we realized it could be a lot worse than we thought. We asked some of our followers from Brazil, and even they told us it’s not safe to walk around with a camera or even an iPhone in Rio and that it could be a stressful vacation for us as we travel with a lot of expensive equipment. So three weeks before our trip we canceled our flights and started looking for a new destination. Rushing to plan a new trip, we booked flights to Cuba and soon after we realized that’s not the best choice either due to new travel restrictions for American residents.

Luckily all of these flights were fully refundable, so we were able to cancel once again, but we were now onto our 3rd destination with exactly two days left before our trip!! We picked Costa Rica this time, which was finally a great choice but also extremely overbooked around the holidays. We had a hard time finding any accommodation for more than one night at a time, so we ended up renting a car and hopping from place to place. It was an amazing trip after all, and we were able to see a few different beautiful areas of the country as a result, but it was the most stressful trip prep we’ve ever had!

To be honest, we still wonder if we maybe overreacted to the whole safety situation with Brazil in the first place, and really want to visit anyway so hopefully we get the chance to do that soon.

When you travel together as a couple, who is in charge of what?

Katerina is all about finding hidden gems, the places that are not very popular, instead of the same old Insta-hotspots that everyone visits, so she does all the research. Yinon prefers to do more of the practical planning/logistics side of everything and making sure we don’t forget important pieces of equipment.

What characteristics do you appreciate the most in each other?

Our openness and willingness to talk about anything, restless drive and endless patience for each other’s shenanigans 😛

Tell us more about your wedding and your future plans?

We got engaged at the end of April and are planning to get married next summer in Greece. We picked it because we love Greece so much and it’s right in the middle between Bulgaria and Israel so it would be convenient for our families. We’re on the hunt for an idyllic little island, so we’re taking any recommendations!

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