An overall aesthetic is very important for the most of us, even though it’s often overlooked. But those little details, straight and minimalistic design do attract some of us more than others. One of those aesthetically-driven personalities surely is Matthew Spade better known as Mat Buckets. The aspiring blogger from Blackpool in the Northwest of England really has a keen eye for design and all things visually appealing – from casual menswear to accessories, interior and design. His blog has become a well-known source of inspiration for the sophisticated men.

We look back on how Matthew’s blogging career began: from curating and sourcing all things inspiring to a sought-after lifestyle and menswear destination. A blog, that everyone definitely should visit on the regular.

Mat started his blog Buckets and Spades in 2008. The name references to his hometown which is close to the sea. It was his way to collate images, while he was studying. His degree had an element of journalism and blogging helped him to improve his writing skills. Desktop storage was rare those days and Mat used his blog to store inspiring images and write stories. It became a personal journal and over time more and more readers kept on coming back to enjoy his content. Through a really small blogging community back then, Mat found a lot of inspiration and made contact with other like-minded bloggers.

Mat’s blog gained a steadily growing fan base and what started out as a fashion blog soon became his way to explore design, graphics, illustration, tech, advertising and lifestyle topics. It still is and always has been Mat’s outlet for posting everything that’s relevant to him. Whether his regular coffee shop visits, exhibitions, interior and architecture-inspired content.

“It’s all time well spent – nothing is wasted if you’re leading yourself towards something productive.”Matthew Spade | Source: bucketsandspadesblog.

Alongside his blog Mat also started his Pinterest account back in 2010 which was also a way for him to store inspiring images. He had the chance to be part of the Pin It Forward campaign to share the expansion of the UK based platform which also helped him gain new followers. His following grew steadily with over 390,000 to date. His Pinterest boards feature a great selection of everything Mat favors from products he loves, sneakers, design, interior, cars and much more.

Also, his Instagram account is absolutely worth a regular visit where the aspiring blogger proves that he never runs out of style. Based on his admiration for simple and casual menswear pieces like a clean shirt or a grey sweater, he often combines workwear inspired garments, modern pieces, and well-chosen accessories. On his Instagram, Mat continues to showcase not only well-thought-out menswear looks but also his passion for design, interior and architecture which often takes him from abroad to visit his favorite coffee spots, art galleries, and stores across the U.K. Mat has found a great blogging community on IG and he often links up with like-minded fashion enthusiasts like Jordan Bunker, Oliver Hosoon, Brittany Bathgate and Fredrik Risvik.

“Blogging has always required consistency and patience; I had plenty of this. Taking time to immerse myself within the community is extremely rewarding – daily visits to blogs, joining conversations and offering something inspiring was always the top priority for me.”Matthew Spade | Source: bucketsandspadesblog.

More and more paid blogging jobs kept coming in and after he graduated and worked in a marketing department for a menswear company, Mat decided in 2015 that he would give freelancing a try and focused on his blog, consulting and freelance writing. Mat Buckets has become an indispensable destination for everyone who is in search of aesthetically and inspiring lifestyle and menswear products. So make sure to keep an eye out for the aspiring blogger.

Five fun facts about Mat Buckets that you should know:

  • His girlfriend Hollie betted that he’d never be able to keep it up with his blogging career, but Mat proved her wrong. Luckily, the couple is still together and they got married just recently.
  • Mat is absolutely obsessed with navy and will hardly leave the house without wearing his favorite color.
  • The name of his blog is closely related to his hometown which is near the ocean and Mat’s favorite childhood tools where buckets and spades.
  • If Mat takes a day off from blogging, you will probably find him down at the local beer shop because he just loves a good craft beer.
  • The blogger has an affection for print magazines, and he also admits that he is obsessed with Tintin comics. He just loves Herge’s stories and use of language.


*numbers current at the time of writing.

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