Let us introduce you to Quyen Mike; he’s a London-based menswear photographer and the person behind QMIKE. The 23-year-old freelance photographer had us hooked almost immediately with his creative approach to photography and his great taste in fashion. Mike combines his two talents and continually surprises us with his digital creations; he reinterprets fashion photography and creates dream-like scenes and animations for his fans and followers.

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Born in Vietnam and raised in Romania, Mike soon discovered his love for photography and subsequently developed his taste in fashion, design, music, and art throughout the years. During this process, he moved to London, studied Advertising, and worked as an art director.

Classy and casual looks infused with a British touch of punk

Inspired by the fashion movement in Britain’s capital, he then also started his own blog. When it comes to fashion, the self-taught artist draws most of his inspiration from Swedish and Japanese designers; however, he is also an advocate of mixing these styles with others, like with traditional British Rock ‘n’ Roll music culture impressions.

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“The key elements of someone’s personal style are confidence and comfort. Being confident breeds comfort and being comfortable builds confidence.”This motto has stuck with Mike over the years.

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The constant challenge of reinventing and developing creativity

Whether it’s photography or design, Mike constantly challenges himself to reinvent the ways he perceives images and clothes and always strives to start with a fresh mindset. Over the years, he has worked on various projects with clients like Moet, Samsung, Starbucks, Issey Miyake Perfumes, and many more. His work is always recognizable by his signature touch of menswear street style with a twist of surreal and whimsical fashion photography. Make sure to check out his work as a photographer and also visit his blog, where he shares his personal style as well as lifestyle and travel content.


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