Does style always have to follow the rules? Is it about finding and sticking to a central idea, a city, a decade, or even a color concept? Definitely not, if you ask the 27-year-old blogger Lisa Fiege. On her Instagram, you won’t find the typical, “one-size-fits-all” feed and even her blog is full of inspiring outfits and insights of her life. She mixes styles to her mood and seamlessly switches from cowboy looks to a floral dress with a leather jacket and boots. In each of her pictures, you’ll also find small tattoos and trend accessories. If we had to describe her style in three words, we would say Rock’n’Roll, casual, cool.

“I learned early on that being different is something good.”Lisa Fiege.

She founded her blog together with her boyfriend six years ago; they wanted to create a space for their interest in fashion and photography and share their mutual hobby. Running the blog as a full-time job was never the intention, but with their success, plans changed. Their main focus is always to produce high-quality and reliable content. That’s why the girl from Cologne declines a lot of her collaboration offers, as they often don’t fit into their blog concept and she doesn’t want to become unbelievable. Her motto has always been to swim against the tide.

„I don’t want to influence anybody, I prefer to inspire and maybe help other people.“Lisa Fiege.

„I love to shop vintage, because you definitely find the best items second-hand. The rest of my closet consists of items from Asos, Topshop und Urban Outfitters.“Lisa Fiege.

Lisa’s style is inspired by her taste in music, which she inherited to 100% from her father, from Dio to Thin Lizzy and Black Sabbath. She loves to play with different styles and combines various materials – a wild mix of everything, with a great sense for style and trends and always a touch of Rock’n’Roll.

The girl from Cologne always counts on accessories when it comes to upcoming trends, because they are the easiest way to integrate them into her personal style. With the western style becoming big again this fall season, Lisa is very happy, as it’s already a part of her closet and style. However, she also likes the trend color red and distinctive shoulder details.

„I fell in love with the cool fur bags this season (fake fur of course). They are always such eye-catchers.“Lisa Fiege.

If you are constantly on the lookout for new inspirations for your closet or just want to try something new, Lisa Fiege is the right person to check out. Despite her constantly changing outfits, she stays true to her mix of rock and cool and amazes her fans again and again with new ideas.



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