She sports the laid-back, trendy style of a true Berlin fashionista: trend pieces like suits or checkered skirts mixed with the techno influence of the German capital. Ebba Zingmark plays with a blend of cool, boyish and playful and mirrors the Berlin street style with a twist of her own interpretation on her blog We met the likable Swede in Berlin and she told us about her favorite spots in the city.

“I wanted to see something else than the little city I lived in. That’s why I chose to live in Berlin after my studies.”Ebba Zingmark

To start things off, please introduce yourself.

I’m Ebba, a 22-year-old blogger/influencer from Umeå, a city in the north of Sweden. I’m currently living in Berlin together with my boyfriend, working full time with my social media channels and occasional modeling assignments.

When did you move to Berlin? Why did you choose Berlin as your base for now?

I moved here three years ago when I graduated and felt that I wanted to see something else than the little city I lived in. I chose Berlin mostly because of something as vague as “the nice atmosphere” I had experienced the few times I had been here (but it turned out to be a great decision).

What’s your favorite place in Berlin?

It depends a bit on things like the season and my mood, but I really love the Kiez I live in, Graefekiez. There are so many beautiful outdoor servings, cozy bars and small shops. Also, the always crowded Admiralsbrücke around the corner is a lovely place (even though I never hang out there myself, I always get in a good mood seeing people hanging out there, just talking, having a drink and watching the sunset).

What would you recommend to do when you have only 24 hours in Berlin?

If I only had 24 hours in Berlin (as a tourist), I’d take a morning walk in Hasenheide or Tempelhof, then visit some of the nice free galleries in Kreuzberg/Mitte, maybe Königsgalerie or Bethanien. After that, I’d travel to the Berlin Wall remainings near the Bernauer Straße station (that’s the best remaining parts of the wall, according to me). I’d finish the evening with a dinner at one of the many great restaurants in this city, and then go out to enjoy the iconic techno scene at a club.

Do you already speak some German? Are you learning the German language?

I speak a bit, I mean- Swedish is very similar to German, so I actually understand most of it. I’m taking an intense German class right now to wrap my head around the impossible grammar; hopefully, I’ll be an okay German-speaker in some months.

“I’m trying to let “me” shine through the pictures and the captions.”Ebba Zingmark

Describe your style in three words.

Androgynous, schizo, playful.

Where do you get your inspiration? Do you have favorite brands?

I get 90% of my inspiration from people on the streets of Berlin. There are so many interesting street styles here!

What do you think makes your blog and social media channel unique?

Haha, this is something I’ve been asking myself many times. I don’t know; I guess it’s my personality that makes it different. I’m trying to let “me” shine through the pictures and the captions, and hopefully, I’m at least a pretty unique person. Haha.

When did you start blogging?

Eight years ago, when I was a naive 14-year-old girl.

Do you have a philosophy behind your blog?

Not really, I just want to spread inspiration and keep up a good relationship with my readers. I don’t want to have too many strategies or philosophies behind it; I want to keep it spontaneous and “me”.

Where do most of your readers and followers come from?

It’s a great mix! Naturally, there’s a lot of Swedes and Germans, but I also have a whole bunch of American and Asian followers.

You’re traveling a lot. What’s coming up next? Can you tell us your plans for the rest of the year?

If nothing else comes up (which it tends to do), my next trip is actually to go back to Sweden to celebrate Christmas. I’m already looking forward to it – Sweden is it’s prettiest self during the winter months with all the snow and Christmas lights shining in the compact northern darkness.

We are more than excited about Ebba’s pictures from snowy Scandinavia and we will definitely follow her unique outfit inspirations and insights of her everyday life in Berlin. By the way, the 22-year-old girl has some very good Berlin tips on her blog and an own Berlin category. So if you’re planning a trip to Berlin, you should check it out.



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