Precision, drive and never ending sources of ideas. These are the three crucial things you need as a DIY-blogger to be able to constantly publish new content. Today, we’d like to introduce three enthusiastic DIY-bloggers that definitely deserve a lot more attention. From guides for trendy interior up to colorful rainbow necklaces: on the blogs of these three talented ladies, you’ll definitely find one or two projects you’re going to want to try for yourself.



On Rebecca’s blog Sinnenrausch you can find lots of home-associated DIYs. Since 2010, the Tyrolese photographer offers instructions for simple, minimalistic and natural decoration and interior. Her pictures are always very clear and appealing, her style of furnishing is functional and clean. Many of her projects contain natural wooden elements, lots of white and bright green. Sometimes, Rebecca inspires us with upcycling ideas, using waste products such as milk cartons for her DIYs. Besides her appealing DIYs with step-by-step instructions, Rebecca regularly posts mouthwatering recipes with amazing pictures.




Trendy and simple DIYs are the area of expertise of British blogger Caroline Burke, who offers anything from nailart to self-made shelves up on her DIY blog Burkatron. Caroline’s DIYs are a reflection of her passion for contemporary and Scandinavian Design. Hairpin nightstands, geometrical wall mounts for plants or a metal office grid – anything that is ‚in‘ and available in interior stores will be turned into a DIY project by Caroline. On Pinterest, her most successful social media channel, she pins lots of great DIY ideas that match Burkatron’s own style perfectly.


Make and Tell


If your style is a bit more playful, you’ll be happy discovering the Sydney based blog Make and Tell by Stephanie Lee. The Australian likes her DIYs colorful, creative and with many details. Her playful projects are usually made up of pastel colors and have a childlike touch. Unicorns and rainbows are no rarity on Make and Tell which is why many of her DIYs are perfectly suitable for families with crafty kids.

Thematically, Stephanie offers a wide range of DIYs: jewelry, stationary and home- or holiday decoration, you name it. If you take a closer look and dig a little deeper, you’ll also find some more plain DIYs on the young mother’s blog that use less color and are thus universally feasible. Stephanie offers many of her stationary projects as downloads and freebies to her followers.


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