German fashion blogger Erik Scholz successfully gathered over 60.000 followers on his Instagram account in the span of just one year. He’s working with big brands, travels with fellow fashion bloggers from fashion week to fashion week and, on top of all that, moved to Berlin from his small hometown. The young fashionista with his trademark red hair is also the winner of the “Influencer of the Year” award from Grazia magazine – we were curious about the shooting star and he was happy to answer all our questions.

To start things off, please introduce yourself to our readers.

I’m Erik, 19-years-old and blogging full-time on Originally I’m from Saxony, but I’ve been living in Berlin for a year now.

Did you come to Berlin for your studies?

Actually, everybody thinks I moved to Berlin because of my blog, but the main reason was my fashion management studies. Furthermore, I’m a huge Berlin fan and can’t imagine living in another German city right now.

“I believe that the award was a great stepping stone for my “blogger career” but it was also one of many things that lead to my success.”Erik Scholz.

You started your Instagram account five years ago and began to share impressions of your daily life. What inspired you finally to start blogging?

Everything started with the “surge of bloggers” in Germany, when bloggers like Caro Daur, Nina Süß, Farina Opoku and many more started to become famous. Their work inspired my outfit posts.

In April 2017, you won the Germany’s Next Influencer Award by H&M and GRAZIA. How did that happen?

That’s actually a pretty funny story. After finishing my high school degree, I worked in the engineering industry and read a very angry article about the award during my lunch break. After reading the whole piece I thought to myself “Well, might as well give it a shot” and that’s how I participated and won the award.

What has changed since then in your life?

My life has changed completely. I think winning the award was a good stepping stone for my blogging career, but not the sole reason for success. Of course, I’m very thankful for all the media presence, especially directly after the award. Because I didn’t live in Berlin at the time, my first order of business was moving there. Since then, my life has been a rollercoaster of emotions; thousands of events, the Coachella festival, traveling to international fashion weeks, my studies, a new home in Berlin and many other things.

How do you juggle your studies and blogging at the same time?

Honestly, it works for me just fine. Naturally, during exam periods my blog and Instagram take a hit but that’s something I just have to live with. And you need a certain discipline and shouldn’t perceive answering emails, editing photos and writing texts as a chore.

Do you have a daily routine?

I do, while the semester is going on. I get up, go to my lectures, then to the gym (hopefully) and afterwards, I shoot outfits and work on articles and Instagram posts. Later, I work on my assignments and around 8 o’clock I often attend events.

What is a cooperation you are really proud of, what’s the most exciting project you’ve done so far?

I get this question a lot and it’s hard for me to give a definite answer. At the moment, I’m in the lucky position to be able to choose who I work with, so I really only do projects that I enjoy. Examples would be H&M or the influencer marketing platform Collabary, I cooperate with both of them a lot.

What advice would you give to somebody who is starting in the industry?

First of all, it’s definitely still possible to start, you just have to realize that it’s not going to be easy. I think, it’s extremely important to find and work a niche on Instagram. Especially vintage- and Tumblr-inspired accounts are extremely well-received at the moment and I’m sure these will be successful for quite some time still. Also, you HAVE to show character, yourself, to bind your followers to you and build a strong community.

More than 60.000 people are following you on Instagram. Who inspires you?

People who do their own thing and don’t complain all the time inspire me; doesn’t matter if those are successful bloggers, my friends or parents. Especially my parents are sources of inspiration, as they both are extremely hard workers and don’t complain about their jobs but get stuff done and are passionate about it. That’s my inspiration!

Describe your style in three #?

#confident #streetstyle #diversified

Tell us your fashion items you can’t live without during this winter.

One must-have during this winter season is definitely a camel-colored or “teddy” coat. You should have one in your closet. Also, you should have a pair of black boots and a classic and timeless scarf à la ACNE, one of my favorites.


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