In the current times of digitalization, everything becomes faster and is being renewed again and again – but at the same time, there are a lot of old things that are having a revival. Fashion trends or old school stuff, we thought we left behind us, are having a huge comeback. For example traditional fashion illustrations, which had been replaced by fashion photography in the 60’s, when the photography was spread all over the magazines. Fashion illustrations you can easily call art, as they combine the art of creating fashion with the manual skill of bringing those creations to paper. We already introduced you to the incredible fashion illustrator Kerri Hess who became famous for her outstanding work and has previously worked with a lot of considerable designers. But she is not the only artist whose work we can admire over social media. Next to famous artists like Hayden Williams or Holly Nichols, we have a range of magnificent fashion illustrators, sharing their work with the world on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook.

Megan Hess

New sketches on the desk today…..

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The Hess family is undoubtedly gifted with fantastic creativity. We already introduced you to fashion illustrator Kerri Hess, but there is one more talented sister in the family – Megan Hess. She discovered her passion for illustration quite early but never thought that illustrating could actually work as a job for her. That’s why she started her graphic design studies and worked as an art director in different agencies – but this never truly satisfied her. So she decided to become a full-time artist. Her breakthrough was definitely, when Candace Bushnell, author of the Sex and The City books, ask her in 2006 to design her book cover. It all went uphill from there on and she was hired by famous designers like Dior, Fendi, Chanel, and Cartier. The Australian loves to create her art with nothing more than her Montblanc pen and black ink. With this, she creates elaborate and at the same time expressive artwork that convinces with its simplicity.

Kelly Smith

Kelly Smith is the fantastic artist behind the name Birdy & Me. The delicate style, astounding expression and incredible characteristic of her illustrations are what characterizes her work. The Australian from Tasmania has a special feeling of how to illustrate the products and clothes of her clients beautifully and uniquely. Details but at the same time clarity, can be seen in the illustrations she shares on her Instagram and with which she already gained big collaborations with designers like Valentino, Armani or Maybelline New York. Her work has been published in magazines like VOGUE, ELLE and Harper’s Bazaar which is a big honor to Kelly and motivates her, even more, to keep on working at what she loves.

Mats Meyer

With just a brush and only a few, well-chosen lines, artist Mats Meyer brings her fashion illustrations to paper. The New York-based Belgian woman started her career off as a lawyer but decided shortly after moving to New York to express herself and her creativity in becoming an artist. Even though she is still quite new in fashion illustrating, she already gained attention from some renowned designers like La Perla or Giorgio Armani. Her illustrations always include a beautiful grace and impress with their pure and minimalistic look. So it is no wonder that her work has already been published in VOGUE, InStyle or on Refinery29.


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