New year, new phone? Or maybe a better laptop with more power and battery life? Once you decide to add another member to your tech family, the often dreaded and time-consuming research begins. Not everybody enjoys looking for the best possible product for hours on end, even though you can easily do it all from the comfort of your couch. The opportunity of having the biggest selection possible by shopping online also has the downfall that one can easily be overwhelmed and after an hour’s research, you might find yourself more confused than before. Luckily, we can now rely on influencers, especially on YouTube, who condense all the info you need into enjoyable, bite-sized review videos. Besides learning all about how our product of choice performs in daily use, we also get an insight scoop into similar products from competitors – and all that presented by a likable YouTuber who knows how to present dry tech info with humor and wit.

If you want to keep up to date with your tech gear in 2018 or are currently looking for an addition to your arsenal, we have selected three top-notch tech influencers who can help you with the oncoming purchase decisions. Stay tuned and enter the YouTubes world of reviews, unboxings and office setups!

Marques K. Brownlee

Marques K. Brownlee is with 5.5 million subscribers one of the leading influencers in YouTube’s tech category worldwide. His channel MKBHD is a combination of his initials and the term HD – high definition – and you realize a few seconds into any of his videos that he takes great care to do justice to his name. He provides his viewers with crystal-clear and extremely well-made videos. The tech guru has a passion for Tesla cars and likes to show and discuss them often; however, the majority of his content – and the reason why his fans love him – is dedicated to smartphones. You won’t find many unboxings on his channel but rather detailed reviews and comparisons of the newest products on the market.

Marques made headlines in 2014 with his video about a leaked sapphire display of the iPhone 6. He had acquired the display and put it to the test with keys, shoes, knives and, finally, even tried to break it. While his attempts in the video were unsuccessful, it gained him tremendous attention and is with over nine million views his second most-viewed video to this day. Media around the world picked this viral sensation up and he even made it into the program of the NBC. So, if you are looking to buy a new smartphone, you should check out Marques’ channel, as he takes the gloves off when it comes to testing and reviewing the next big release.

Jonathan Morrison

Jonathan Morrison is another shooting star with his 2.2 million subscribers and appeals to similar audiences like Marques. However, Jonathan covers a broader variety of topics in his videos; for example, he gives advice on how to buy tech gear for under $500 or, for the globetrotters among you, how you can comfortably fit all your tech gear in one backpack. Needless to say, he doesn’t neglect any updates for the newest smartphones from Apple, Huawei, Samsung, etc. either, but his content is a bit more varied, as he also likes to shoot unboxings.

If you are looking for a change in the tech jungle or want to experience a different take on tech topics, give Jonathan a try. Also, if you’re into creating your own office or gaming setup and need inspiration, he is a perfect choice, as that is one of his areas of expertise. He even shows the thought process of designing his own office in a “behind the scenes“, which gives you the unique opportunity to peek into the mind of a true tech geek. The likable YouTube star convinces with know-how, insights behind the camera and his charming presentation, as he doesn’t take himself too seriously in his videos.

Erica Griffin

Erica Griffin is one of the few women in YouTube’s tech landscape, her 740,000 subscribers, however, are a testimony to her success. Many of her videos cover the newest smartphones as well but she is enough of a proud nerd to not shy away from unboxing an original Pikachu Gameboy Advance SP or compare the displays of the Nintendo Switch in all their details. Erica’s trademark videos differ from what most other YouTube techies do, as she regularly uploads reviews of smartphones that last longer than 30 minutes – hence the style of her channel, which she describes as “insanely in-depth”. In order to be able to analyze every single detail of the product at hand, she tests the devices in her private life for up to a month at a time. It doesn’t get more detailed than that, as you can see in her review of the Galaxy Note 8. If you are undecided about your next purchase and Erica has reviewed the smartphone you are considering, watch the video and at the end, you will know whether it fits you or not.

Erica stays on top of newly-released smartphones. However, her focus is definitely on her extremely detailed long-term tests – and those tests take time. Through her honesty and determination during these tests, she has developed an authentic and trusting relationship with her viewers. With her video mix of unusual unboxings, reviews of current releases and in-depth analyses, Erica is the place to go for true tech fans and those who want to become one.


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