Advertisement / In our modern times, with the digital age fully immersed into our lives and dominating most of everything we do, people urge to go back to the roots, especially when it comes to quality. A shift is happening right now, back to the times when traditionally crafted products were made, products that people could rely on. Handcrafted goods made manually and with precision to stand the test of time. People need something more tangible, something they can touch and feel, an aesthetic and authentic timepiece that will walk with them through time. One of those unique pieces could be a watch from Maven, produced locally by experienced watch mechanics, who inherited the impeccable craftsmanship from the golden age of the watch industry. These timepieces from Maven will serve you as a true companion, matching every occasion and outfit with their minimal design, underlining the personality of its carrier, whether men or women. These watches are durable and blend in for everyday use, yet keep an edge of personality.

The Urban Nature collection

Maven presents their collection called “The Urban Nature collection,” consisting of two series, The Enduring (genuine marble face) and The Artisan (analog face). Coming from the bustle of Hong Kong, the brand’s collection is mainly inspired by the urban architecture and the landscape that is shaped by nature. With their watches, Maven effortlessly blends the modern city lifestyle with a touch of nature at its core.

The Artisan

The Artisan series draws inspiration from modern architecture and the natural landscape; it holds the essence of nature within its modern construction. The natural color tones of the watch are easy to mix and match with other fashion pieces in your wardrobe.

The Enduring

The Enduring series is defined by its genuine marble face throughout this range. Every marble stone has its own unique birthmark, making the watches a personal statement. This modern collection serves as a timeless fashion piece that endures the passing of time.


We believe everyone deserves a high-quality timepiece that tags along our everyday journey.
Nathan Lo, Founder of Maven.




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