Advertisement / When we started looking for products that would fit in our Trend List category, we already knew that the luggage from Away is the perfect product for this section. All of our team members are traveling a lot and reliable luggage is a must in our routine. As we are always on the lookout for products which improve our quality of life, it becomes difficult sometimes to find high-quality luggage that is reasonably priced.

Away Travel Luggage in all sizes

That´s where the story of Away started – Jen Rubio and her friend and former colleague Steph Korey launched Away in February 2016 to provide an alternative to the lack of quality luggage on the market; they created a collection that suits the modern traveler with a minimal and yet functional approach.

The carry-on Away Travel Luggage

Using Instagram for reaching out to the younger audience

Numbers don´t lie and, according to the founders, the luggage startup hit sales of $12 million in its first year. A big part of their early success came from their efforts in promoting their new product through social media. Especially Instagram was the perfect app for reaching out to the younger audience.


“There’s a lot of people on our team who were coming of age when Instagram came out, so we’ve definitely learned from them that brand discovery and shopping through Instagram is an important part of how they find things.” Stephanie Korey – Cofounder of Away.

built-in battery to charge all your gadgets on the go

Away´s collection of stylish yet functional carry-on luggage is definitely worth the attention. The collection comes with a minimal and slick design as well as many features, such as extremely light weight, unbreakable shells, interior compartments, and a built-in battery to charge all your gadgets on the go. With a direct-to-consumer approach, Away calls their product a “first-class luggage at a coach price” and that´s exactly what you get when you decide to travel with Away.

Inside of the Away travel luggage


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