There are many ways to describe the work of L.A.-based photographer and art director Minh T and you can certainly say his photography style is truly unique. With Thismintymoment, he uses Instagram as a platform to create his own universe of architectural photography, in which he redefines himself and his work with a continuous visual narrative throughout all of his images.

It’s safe to say that Minh T is blessed with an eye for the aesthetic of simplicity, as he effortlessly manages to blend architecture, geometry, fashion, the human body and nature with his imagery, harmonizing all those elements like never seen before. With a background in graphic design, his technical approach is noticeable and his minimalistic design principles help him embrace simplicity while playing with architectural lines, patterns, and almost unreal landscapes and buildings.

Since he was young, Minh T was always passionate about drawing, painting, and taking photos; however, he did his “practical” college degrees in engineering and architecture. In the end, he couldn’t fight off his creative urge and ended up starting a career in design. Today, he is running his own graphic design studio and caters to the luxury lifestyle market, primarily for fashion and interior design clients.

Minh T has always been into photography, but more as a hobby and he says that everything changed with Instagram. In 2014, he opened a personal account just to post about his daily life, but with his second account Thismintymoment, which was supposed to be anonymous, he felt the freedom to get creative.

I wanted to create a fantasy world of intriguing places, of light and air, of beauty and purity.Minh T.

Minh T draws a lot of his inspiration from abandoned places; the isolated and neglected spots he finds make up the majority of his work, as he is always discovering and finding those locations for his photography.

I love finding that diamond in the rough, just waiting to be discovered.Minh T.

Minh T’s tips on architecture photography

Here are Minh T’s principles that he focuses on when it comes to architectural photography.

  • Taking your time to finding the best composition is key. Don’t always try to center the photo subject; instead, use the negative space as an interesting element.
  • Working with light and shadow can add some enhancing effects, like during daytime when buildings often create dramatic slashes and diagonal shadows. When shooting in the morning or evening, light often helps to minimize high contrasts and washed out areas.
  • A wide angle lens is probably the go-to choice when shooting architecture, but a telephoto lens is often a more interesting choice. It allows the audience to focus more on the smaller details and highlights the architectural angles and corners as well as the various materials and structure.
  • Minh T also recommends adding people, which gives the architectural image a sense of scale and a feeling of life. Finally, it’s important to straighten vertical lines and make sure the horizon is horizontal, says Minh T.

Through Instagram Minh T has built himself a dedicated following and his creative approach to architectural photography has gained him attention internationally. He has done work for many clients f including notable publications, fashion houses.


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