If you’re someone who is opting for plant-based nutrition, you might know that it can be tough to lead this lifestyle when you’re surrounded by people who aren’t familiar with your choice of meals. Dishes without animal products are new for many people and especially in large groups, it can be difficult for vegans or vegetarians to find acceptance. This is where Deliciously Ella With Friends comes in handy – our book of the month, written by famous UK-blogger Ella Mills. In a refreshing introduction, Ella says what many think: Trying to impose a plant-based lifestyle onto others is neither nice nor will it convince them. That is exactly why Deliciously Ella With Friends can be of great help for those who want to surprise their family and friends with how amazingly delicious vegan dishes can be, all while being healthy and good for your body. In today’s review, we’d like to explain in detail why we think Ella’s fourth publication should be a staple in everyone’s cookbook collection.

The Look & Feel

Deliciously Ella With Friends reveals on its cover what we’ll get to see on more than 280 pages: Mouthwatering dishes that are perfect to share with friends. Everywhere in the book, we get to see beautiful photographs of groups that got together for all kinds of occasions – and there sure is no shortage of culinary bliss. Authentic images of picnics with friends, a garden party with freshly grilled veggies at sunset or a relaxing night in with the girls and some yummy cocktails – these images alone are an inspiration to start planning our next get-together. The pictures of the recipes are all rather rustic with a slight vintage touch to them, perfectly matching the served food.

The Content

Deliciously Ella With Friends covers more than 100 recipes, divided into the different kinds of meals we’re familiar with. You can find breakfast ideas, ideas for light lunches or menu options for feasts with friends. Ella also offers lots of recipes for parties, desserts, and cocktails. All categories are subdivided to help us precisely navigating through the book. We can find sweet and hearty breakfast ideas, sides or themed menus – the suggestions of plant-based options that we can serve our loved ones seem endless.

Most of the recipes are listed for at least four people and work great in combinations. Many of the dishes are a perfect addition to other meals within the book. In each recipe, Ella took the time to write a personal note, explaining the idea behind the recipe or what is special about it. She gives us hints on what to combine them with or how we can mix them up in the future by switching one or two ingredients.

Our Résumé

We don’t only (but mostly) love Deliciously Ella With Friends because of its unbelievably delicious recipes – for example, we tried the Blueberry Pancake Stacks that we found in the breakfast section of the book. To the listed blueberries, we also added figs, grapes, and little apple stars as well as a topping made of white chocolate and matcha. A culinary delight!

The simple dishes didn’t only conceive our taste buds – they’re also very practical: Most of the healthy and nutrient-rich ingredients are used many times in many different recipes, so there is no way our food will go bad. We’ll rather learn how to use them in various meals. After purchasing Deliciously Ella With Friends, we can finally understand the hype around all of the food bloggers’ previous publications. We can only hope that the dream of visiting Ella’s Deli in London will become reality soon so that we can see what these blissful creations taste like when they’re cooked by the master herself. Until then, you can either get one (or all) of her four cookbooks for yourself or check out her website or her Instagram account where you can spend hours browsing through countless amazing recipes.