Eggs, curd, butter and cream – for most of us, animal products are a natural part of baking and cooking. Not for Holly Jade though, founder of The Little Blog of Vegan, who is one of about one billion people who are leading a vegan or at least a vegetarian lifestyle. Veganism has gained a lot of popularity during the last years: vegan cook- and bakery books are long term bestsellers, supermarkets are offering a broader variety of meat alternatives and Google announced an increase of 90% for the search of the term ‘vegan’. Given this, it is not surprising that Holly Jade’s blog is also growing continually, gaining new readers each and every day. Her recipes are in no way inferior to classic pastries – both visually and in regards of taste – turning them into creative reinventions of said classics. If you thought the transition to a vegan diet would come hand in hand with the abandonment of sweets, you’re in for a treat.

Today, Holly is vegan by choice, but she didn’t really start off her vegan journey completely voluntarily. A few years ago, Holly started feeling unwell after having her usual meals. After a couple of checkups, the diagnosis was food intolerance for wheat, yeast, gluten, high sugars and cow’s milk. At first, the young Brit didn’t really know how do deal with the intolerances, just cutting out these specific ingredients from her regular diet. Not really knowing what else to do, Holly started eating the same meals she knew she wouldn’t react to day in and day out. With the help of a dietician, Holly started the fodmap diet, which basically cuts out certain carbohydrates and sugars. The goal is to regenerate the body through the exclusion of certain troublesome foods. Many of those affected show less bad reaction to these types of food after doing the fodmap diet, allowing them to choose their meals more freely again.

Holly was okay doing the diet, learning a lot about new kinds of foods that she hadn’t known about before the diet. A lack of protein, paired with her love for animals and the rising awareness of the critical conditions in meat production, lead to Holly developing an even stronger urge to learn more about plant-based nutrition. She finally made the conscious decision to go all vegan. At this point, Holly already knew her way around alternative foods but felt like to choice of vegan meals in cafés and restaurants was rather poor. That is one of the reasons why she started The Little Blog of Vegan in 2015, aiming to inspire others with her vegan creations. Additionally, she uses her platform to educate those who also suffer intolerances or insufficiencies due to their choice of diet, showing them that even a forced shift to veganism doesn’t mean you have to quit eating all the yummy things. On the contrary: With her appealing pictures, you can’t help but think about which of the mouth-watering recipes you want to try first.

If you thought vegans can’t have a feast, Holly will prove you wrong: fruity and creamy tartelettes in different variations, cheesecake in all sorts of forms, cakes, cookies and cupcakes – the list is endless. Besides countless recipes for desserts and pastries, Holly also offers ideas for lunch and dinner, proving that vegans don’t have to miss out on pizza, pasta or burgers. Holly also doesn’t stop at drinks, making sure you have an alternative at hand when you crave that creamy Starbucks frappuccino or the seasonal gingerbread latte. There really is a vegan alternative for everything, hidden in Holly’s massive recipe archive. It seems like The Little Blog of Vegan is not so little after all.

Given the diversity of suggestions for all sorts of meals, it is not surprising that The Little Blog of Vegan is an award-winning website, both for best food blog and must-follow vegan blog. But that is not the end of it: With her new-found conviction for the vegan lifestyle, she now projects her beliefs onto other areas of her life. Besides yummy recipes, Holly tells us all about vegan beauty products, where to get them, which beauty brands and products – from body lotion to eye shadow palette – she can recommend. She gives us insight into which brands are cruelty-free and have thus convinced her.

After browsing through Holly’s blog for a while, you can’t help but be sure: veganism is not a lifestyle alternative that is about cutting out foods, craving them at all times. It is rather a lifestyle that offers us much more space for creative recipes, introducing us to unfamiliar foods and proving that a vegan diet isn’t only healthy but also very diverse. We’re happy about every new recipe that Holly publishes – either on her own blog or for the Huffington Post, one of the best-known online magazines worldwide. We hope that The Little Blog of Vegan is as appealing to you as it is to us and that you found some inspiring vegan meal alternatives. Don’t know which one yet? Head on over to Holly Jade’s blog of culinary bliss!


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