With each new week comes the chance for us to seek out new and inspiring imagery for you. Whether it’s a cabin in the woods, a modern residence, a cottage in the countryside, a beautiful beach house, or the tiniest of hideouts, we could scour the web for inspiring homes all day long.

We found these cozy places for you, so dive right in and get lost scrolling through some of our favorite architecture posts. If you crave another dose of our weekly inspiration, head over to our photography article and get inspired by some of the greatest creative photographers on Instagram.

The water temperature is on point. Who would you jump in the tub with? Tag your hot tub crew! ▫️

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QL House by @visioarq

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I'll always be in slight disbelief that homes this magical really exist

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drinking out of coconuts in jungle treehouses. 🌴 not a bad way to spend a weekend in mexico.

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can i has?

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The perfect place to reset. Weekends are meant to be spent in cabins

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