If you’ve ever been looking for insights on topics such as fitness, workouts, and nutrition, you surely came across the names Karena & Katrina or Tone It Up. With more than 1,2 million followers on Instagram, the Californian brand Tone it Up is one of the best-known and most popular fitness programs for women worldwide. Today, we’d like to give you an overview of the various activities of Karena & Katrina and explain why Tone It Up is equally popular and successful.

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Tone It Up was founded in 2009 by personal trainer Karena Dawn and fitness model Katrina Scott. The two women had met at the gym and soon after decided to start a blog about fitness and nutrition together. From there on, not only a community with about 411.000 members has developed, but also a multi-million dollar brand. With a one-time payment of 150 dollars, users purchase the Tone It Up nutrition plan and choose their preferred diet (vegan, regular, vegetarian, pescetarian, or gluten-free). The purchase results in a life-long membership in the TIU-community.

Once you’re a member, you’ll receive motivational and informative emails during the week and on every Sunday you’ll find your weekly workout schedule in your inbox. On the website, even non-members can find tons of workouts, recipes, and Youtube-Videos, but don’t get the additional information, email service, and special edition workout plans. The nutrition plans are often reviewed positively as besides the recipes, they offer an added value in terms of profound knowledge around the meals, portions, and groceries. This helps Tone It Up-members to not only cook the recipes but to develop a sense for what healthy nutrition actually is.

What stands out is definitely the Tone It Up-community, whose bond and team spirit is most recognizable on Instagram. With specific hashtags, such as #TIUteam and #TIUchallenge, members are invited to post their post-workout selfies, to show off their meals and to motivate and support each other as a part of the community. Targeted invitations to share images and progress, established hashtags, and a well thought out concept have resulted in a strong team.

Besides the success that the nutrition and workout plans alone have brought, Karena & Katrina have understood how to further build their brand. Their own protein powder (PerfectFit Protein), which is part of many of the recipes from the nutrition plan, is sold in the Tone It Up-Show, alongside premium workout videos and lots of training gear such as skipping ropes, exercise balls, drinking bottles, and yoga mats. Collaborations with sports brands such as Oakley are perfectly integrated alongside their own brand’s products.

Tone It Up is known for their challenges throughout the year. The most popular one is the Bikini Body Series, an eight-week-challenge to get your body ready for the beach. All members can participate in the challenges for free – but Tone It Up offers users the chance to additionally purchase packages filled with TIU-products that go well with each challenge. Besides the Bikini Body Series, there are other activities, such as #100byHalloween, where members are challenged to walk 100 miles in a set period of time (in this case until Halloween). In addition to the more privately oriented workouts during everyday life, a #TIUtour is about to happen in 15 different cities, offering group meet-ups and trainings – pretty much being a fitness and nutrition festival.

Karena & Katrina really know how to sustain and promote the team spirit of their community and have made it a booming business model. But a smart business plan alone isn’t what made these two women succeed as fitness influencers. In fact, their authenticity and positive, sincere personalities are why they are so successful. Tone It Up offers their members more than a membership – it feels more like making friends. Karena & Katrina don’t only engage with their followers through the Tone It Up-Instagram account – they also use their private accounts to stay in contact with their followers.

Tone It Up may truly convey a hard training concept to women, but even more, it emphasizes and promotes a positive self-image. Karena & Katrina always speak to their members with respect and cheerfulness, not suggesting a skinny size-zero-model as the holy grail of success. Tone It Up focuses on a positive body image and an active lifestyle. Under #TIUtransformation, we may get to witness some enormous physical changes – but all women featured there talk about how Tone It Up has helped them build a healthy self-esteem.

Basically, Tone It Up offers it all: a diverse, multi-channel workout program (live workouts on Instagram Stories are becoming a regular thing), a nutrition plan for any kind of diet, daily motivation, special challenges, a provided product support, experienced trainers and coaches as well as an excellent community that supports each other. If you’re ready to switch things up in your life, this community might just be the right place for you.


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