Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and we all have the same problem as every year – how can I surprise my beloved partner? We dream of the most beautiful things: escaping reality with a short trip to Paris – the city of love – making a boat tour on the Seine and having a delicious dinner in a small, French restaurant at night. Of course, those dreams can come true, but we usually can’t escape the reality that easily or spontaneously and we have to admit that we often don’t have enough time to spend romantic time for two. But we are still convinced that Valentine’s Day should be our next excuse or reason to actually spend some time with our loved one and calm down for a bit – even if it is only a romantic dinner for two.

It’s not about celebrating Valentine’s Day but about appreciating and admiring each other and that you can spend some time together. As a sweet surprise for your partner, you could create a delicious dessert, inspired by the color of love, the color of the Valentine’s Day – the color red. On social media, we have a variety of some real baking and cooking artists, who offer you inspiration for sweet desserts that you can prepare as a surprise for your partner. That’s why we want to show you some delicious dishes to enjoy and that are easy to recreate in our today’s ‘Weekly Dose of Inspiration’.

Dear panna cotta I want you back so much!

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Raspberry cheesecake bars with white chocolate it is🙏 all vegan and creamy of course! I made these babies on monday as my mum came and visited me on Tuesday ☺ This morning I already got a full body workout done and right now I am about to have dinner. I always put my phone in the locker during my workouts as I am much more focused and faster done as well! What about you? Do you prefer having your phone on you in the gym? 📱happy thursday everyone❣ // Dieses Dessert habe ich am Montag gemacht, weil meine Mutter mich am Dienstag besucht hat☺Himbeer-Cheesecakes mit weißer Schokolade 🙏super cremig und natürlich vegan! Heute morgen war ich schon trainieren und habe mein Ganzkörperworkout erledigt, jetzt gibt's gleich Abendessen. Während meines Trainings lasse ich mein Handy immer im Schließfach – dadurch bin ich einfach konzentrierter und auch schneller! Was ist mit euch? Nehmt ihr das Handy lieber mit? 📱einen schönen Donnerstag euch❣

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