About a year ago, Instagram introduced its in-app shopping-tool for selected shops and brands in the USA. The aim was to close the gap between being inspired by products in the popular app and actually purchasing them from the shop. Until now, users had a rather hard time shopping content they had seen in an Instagram picture: They had to switch over to their mobile browser, navigate to the shop‘s website, find the product and only then, they could actually make the purchase. Both shops and users were craving an easier way to connect inspiration and product shopping, which would ultimately result in higher conversion rates for brands and in improved customer satisfaction.

The in-app shopping-tool allows shops and brands in the US to tag products from an actual shop in their images. A small white shopping bag icon in the image‘s corner indicates that there is shoppable content connected to this specific image. A tap on the image will show more details about the tagged products such as price or name. If you tap on the detail, a product site will open, giving more information and a short description of the product. The users then have the option to make the buying decision which will lead them directly to the online shop‘s product page.

Due to increasing interest in the tool by renowned brands such as Kate Spade and Shopbop and the successful implementation in the USA, Instagram has now decided to launch the tool internationally. It is now available in Australia, Brasil, Canada, Spain, France, Germany, Italy and Great Britain as well. According to Instagram, around 200 million users view profiles of brands every day. With the easy-to-use shopping-feature, users are now able to experience a much more comfortable shopping experience on said brand profiles, considerably increasing conversion rates. On the Instagram business blog, cosmetic shop TYME talks about an astonishing performance:

Our traffic from Instagram has increased 44% since implementing shopping on Instagram. It’s a clean and simple way to show your product in a lifestyle setting, without impacting the user experience.
Savannah Boysen, Marketing Manager, TYME; Source: Instagram Business Blog

The recently rolled out feature is another step to close the gap between social media and the rapidly increasing mobile buying behavior. After Facebook with its already established shopping features and Pinterest’s newly implemented Shop the Look-tool, Instagram is now the third social network offering their users the opportunity to make mobile shopping very easy.