Summer is here but no worry – it’s still time to get in shape. And what could be better than doing your workout outside? From yogis to weightlifters, joggers and calisthenics-enthusiasts we have put together our favorite sporty Instagram-accounts and their outdoor fitness moves to get you inspired and awake your spirits. Whether you start your day early with a morning run or you end the day at the beach with sunset in the background doing some yoga, finally, it’s essential to get up from the couch, start making moves, and conquer your weaker self.

To spur some #fitspiration and get active, we’ll present you a list of our favorite Fitness Instagram accounts and their best outdoor moves that will hopefully motivate you to go outside and keep you on track this summer.

Competition at its root is a form of greed. Greed to win and to place oneself before all others. At its root-greed is fear. That is why fear based greed takes the form of aggression, which breaks the precepts of yoga-kindness and non harming. Competition will often use stealing as a means as well. This employs deep non-contentment. It is obvious that someone who is truly content would have no need to reach past those around him. Can you see how comparing and competition is the opposite Yoga? —-Do you compare and compete yet consider yourself a yogi? – – – Huge thanks to max Strom for he wise words – – – 📷📷📷 @chriskpickens 📷📷📷 • • • • • #yogafit #yoga #loveyourself

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rise up. @milestonestrength.

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I feel a lot of things shifting… Usually i’d be a little fearful of unpredictable change, i’d embrace it, but part of me would withold and refrain from completely allowing the submersion. Perhaps parts of me I identify with, or perhaps I just have stubborn roots. But this time I want to tackle it head on. Grab this feeling by the cheeks and embrace it wholeheartedly. I WANT the change. I WANT the unknown and I WANT the uncertainty of whatever this universe has in store for me. I want to release any connections I rely on, forget about the beliefs that limit me and unfold; open up entirely to possibility and fate. I’m done trying to control, potentially disturbing destinys natural rhythm. I’m throwing in the gloves, letting my hair down and kicking my feet up. Universe, I’m surrendering. I’m all yours. I am yours for the taking! Do with me what you desire, and don’t hold back. Kind regards, Sjana x

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