Five years ago, Loni Jane Anthony made a decision that changed her life. She decided to switch from a paleo diet to a plant-based lifestyle. If you’re interested in a vegan lifestyle, you can’t miss out on the young mother of two beautiful kids. On her Instagram channel, she proves to more than 411k Followers how you can live the healthy and plant-based lifestyle even as a mother with her whole heart and passion. Loni Jane inspires her readers with fresh juices, vegetable and fruit bowls and one thing’s for sure: Loni has already inspired more than thousands of people to live a healthy way of life.

„Going vegan was hands-down one of the best decisions of my life. I had this new outlook on life to be the best version of myself.

.“Loni Jane Anthony

7AM Ice Pops👅 because well… these two are good at getting into the freezer like the speed of light before I can even get out of the bathroom (which is only 30 seconds lol) oh well least I know they are healthy ice pops because we made them together using frozen blueberries, coconut yogurt, probiotic powder, coconut milk and a dash of maple syrup and vanilla. Does anyone want the actual recipe? I will have to remake it and perrrr-fect measurements so I can share it with you! Polly ate 2 and Rowdy had 3 all before 8am, this filled them up with immune boosting probiotics and fatty acids for cognitive function. straight after this they were under the Mulberry tree picking the ripest juiciest berries, pure grounded energy✨

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The 28-year-old mother, photographer and creative artist from Queensland, Australia raises two healthy plant-powered kids. Rowdy was her firstborn in March 2014 and Polly her second born in April two years later. She continued her strict diet throughout both of her pregnancies, even though she was criticized for that.

Loni Jane challenged the traditional pregnancy meal by staying on the 80:10:10 diet, consisting of 80 percent carbs, 10 percent fat, and 10 percent protein solely based on fruit and water. She is living proof that eating an abundance of plants does wonders for the body and grows amazing little human beings. She prides herself on living her passion and thrives on a vibrant, simple healthy lifestyle across all aspects of her life.

„The negativity doesn’t get to me one bit because, I know what I’m doing is right.“Loni Jane Anthony

A lot of people thought that Loni Jane had been healthy her whole life, but, like most of her generation, during her teenage years to early 20’s she lived a lifestyle full of processed food, alcohol and lack of sleep. Living such an acidic lifestyle led her to ill health as well as internal acne, cellulite, weight gain, candida, malnourishment, hair loss and more, as she told her readers on her blog ‚Feel the lean’.

Complete healing didn’t happen overnight, but every day she felt better and saw improvement. With so much inquisitiveness from her eager followers, Loni took it upon herself to write and produce her first e-Book Feel The Lean, based on her all-encompassing lifestyle.

„The day I made the conscious decision to live a plant-based lifestyle, my life changed for the better.“Loni Jane Anthony

Loni Jane is an Australian superwoman and an absolute inspiration. Her marvelous Instagram feed takes you on a journey, revealing the before and after results. Her pictures are illuminated with rainbows of fruits and vegetables in amazing combinations. Check her out and see her transition from poor health to living a healthy and sustainable life.


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